Agenda Themes

  • Consumer Payments
  • B2B Payments
  • Identity, Security & Regtech


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Simple Implementation

Simple implementation by uploading app on web control system, Easy and fast to apply by web one-click build system.

① Upload APK to nProtect AppGuard Manager Server

② Applying AppGuard by One-click

③ Download AppGuarded APK

Web Security Function Setting

After uploading mobile application on web control system, easy and fast apply AppGuard by web one-click build system.

• Set about 20 various security functions on Web-control system in real-time
• Set security policy for blacklist to add and particular emulator to allow


Support for smooth mobile application management by providing various statistics and analysis information of mobile application integrated nProtect AppGuard.

• Real time security report, analytic of hacking activity
• Policy violation report by period/device/hack type

Platform Compatibility

nProtect AppGuard compatible with Android and iOS platform.